Protect your human 🐕‍🦺✨👻

Oh no! Spooky month just started but ghosts are already there!  
Protect your human against those sneaky ghosties.  
Bark and use your elastic leash to scare them away!

Controls ⌨️🎮

SpacebarSouth ButtonBark
WASD - Arrow KeysLeft StickMove
Release when leash is tense to Dash

Credits 🐸🛹

Everything made by Doot in 48h for Ludum Dare 54 Compo  

Engine - Unity  
Art - Hand drawn on Photoshop  
Sounds - Voice recorded on Audacity  
Music - Made with BeepBox
Font - Bodo Amat

Source Code 💾

This game's source code and assets are entirely public! Go play with them ✨

Tiny Post Compo Udate (02/10/2023) 📜

- Fix Canvas Sizes  
- Add Controller Support  
- Add Windows and Linux versions

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsArcade, Colorful, Cute, doggo, Dogs, Funny, Ghosts, Ludum Dare 54, Short
LinksLudum Dare


Download 30 MB
Download 28 MB


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cute game hihi


This game was so cute and the sounds were actually perfect, haha. I had a great time playing!


this is so cute! even the ghosts - i don't want to bark them away because they're so adorable. the controls are really fun with you rubber banding your dog at the ghosts.


Lol I love the cat ghost sound effect. Nice entry!


Pourquoi le chien en laisse est-il l'ennemi juré des sorciers et des fantômes ?

Parce qu'il aboie tellement fort que même les sorts magiques se défont de peur ! 🧙‍♂️👻🐶😄

Incroyable jeu ! bravo pour le taff !